How to install extensions in VS Code to run an HTML File in the browser

  1. Installing extensions to get the HTML code to run in the browser :
    • Click on Extensions marketplace icon on the activity bar of the VS Code on the left.

Once you click on the Extensions icon , extensions view will appear in the VS Code. We need mainly two extensions to get started to execute HTML code.

  1. open in browser Extension
  2. Live Server Extension

As you can see above , it is an Extension view, now in the search box search for “open in browser” extension , and install it, by clicking on install button.Similarly, go ahead and install “Live Server” Extension.

Open in Browser Extension : It allows you to open the current file in your default browser or application.

Live Server Extension : It launches a development local server with live reload feature for static and dynamic pages. You will not have to reload/refresh your browser page after making any changes to your html file, changes will be reflected automatically due to the Live Server extension.